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Blooming Minds

Young people faced increased stress during the pandemic so in response KORI in collaboration with The Ubele Initiative and Efficacy Eva developed the Blooming Minds pilot project, focussed on 14-17 year olds, specifically referred for support from across London. The aim of the project is to strengthentheir foundations by providing needed interventions, wellness techniques, new friendships and recuperative respite trips to new spaces.

Their learning and development was facilitated through youth work, creative facilitation, drama therapy, wellness learning and gaining togetherness through sharing new experiences; A day

trip to Liverpool and a three day residential in Kent.


So far they have had 2 workshops - the first was a welcome back Thanksgiving roast dinner that the group learned how to cook together and explored things they were grateful for. This helped reconnect the group after a summer of holidays out of the Uk and a summer camp experience we sent some of them to with a longtime partner of ours Lifebeat. 

Their second workshop was with the organisation Mybnk - focused on financial literacy covering topics like wages, payslips, taxes and budgeting - which went down well with the young people was something they said they wanted more of in fact. 

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Girls Group 

They've also had 2 of our Girls group meetings - first one around supporting them to establish their group -  creating group infographics from their input. The second workshop was planning ahead what enrichment activities they want going forward and they have decided they want a “self care daytime sleepover”  and an arts and crafts session as well.

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In other work they have used a lot of the project management hours liaising with a young person in the group who has left home and gone into care. Another autistic young person who has finished college is trying to work with organisations who can support him getting into work, and the two young refugees  advocating for them in social worker and family worker meetings and supporting them applying to college alongside creating CVs.


Also they organised for one of them to go to Bristol to spend a day shadowing an architect as this is the career he wants to go into.

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To  learn more about Blooming Minds, click on the document on the left .

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